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WINGS is a highly successful local initiative that offers information, encouragement, support and incentives to local women who are thinking about an education that will improve their lives—from earning a GED, to gaining a community college degree or certificate, to attaining a university degree.

WINGS won the prestigious National AAUW Breaking through Barriers Award in 2011 for its exemplary work in helping women improve their lives and those of their families, as well as promoting positive community education values. AAUW and Clatsop Community College are enthusiastic partners in WINGS.

Since 2002, WINGS has served more than 600 women in Clatsop, Pacific and Columbia counties who realize that education is the best way to improve their and their families’ lives and future prospects. Many of these women have used WINGS information and incentives to earn GED’s, Clatsop Community College degrees and certificates, and further degrees, to become positive contributors to our community and role models for their children and other women and men. Some, who never would have thought it possible, have even gone on to achieve Masters’ degrees and beyond.

In 2017, 66 local women attended the WINGS Conference. Fourteen of these attended the new WINGS Latina session, which provides information for Latina women who seek education and betterment for their families in Clatsop County. Many of these women are now moving forward to further education at Clatsop Community College, adding to an improved local economy and encouragement for their children.

Thanks to the support of more than 100 local donors, WINGS 2017 was able to provide a full day of information and inspiration.
That included free breakfast and lunch for participants, as well as free professional, educationally-oriented and exciting childcare.

Financial support is welcome, as is encouragement through in-kind donations. Participants appreciate both! All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Checks may be made to WINGS.

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Some WINGS Participant Comments from Past Years...

•  WINGS gives the best insight to going to school. I can’t thank you enough for all
    all the information you have provided me to take with me for the rest of my life.

•  Thank you for your dedication to improving and empowering women to
   take hold of their lives. I had a great experience and learned a lot.

•  The caring, friendly and attentive volunteers helped bridge the gap of
    any anxiety about going to school.

•  Wonderful conference! A great beginning to a new start.

•  Amazing speakers, great information--I am so happy I attended WINGS!

•  I heard WINGS was a great opportunity.
    Everything was useful and very helpful.


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